Speed over accuracy? A presentation

Topic:  Journalism and the online revolution

My study revolves around the idea that ethics is put to the test for journalist working online.
Deadlines around the clock, immediacy, pressure, competition to publish all lead to the question..is speed more important than accuracy?

My Hypothesis:
Online journalists using the social media are prone to acting unethically by putting more value in speed rather than in accuracy and the process of fact verification.

Below is my presentation in ppt. format:

Special Study – Journalism and the online revolution

I would really appreciate feedback on this.  Any kind of feedback would be beneficial.

2 Responses to “Speed over accuracy? A presentation”
  1. Hi …
    Really inesresting concept.
    I would agree that time is definitely a catalyst for unethical journalism especially in the online domain.
    I would argue though that Journalism like any business should be based on delivering quality over quantity.
    The shift seems to have moved away from covering real ‘news’ with accuracy and intelligence, and instead focuses more on scandal and sensationalism and being able to break the news first.
    I’ve recently blogged about media ethics too… would be great if you’d take a look!

    • kboudylina says:


      Sorry for not replying earlier. Thank you for your feedback and I absolutely agree that it should be quality over quantity. The only problem is that journalism is a different kind of business. In this industry especially now that we have the internet and everything travels much faster, journalists are racing to deliver the news first.

      This triggers many new challenges and controversies.

      I can also say that I agree on quality over quantity, but I guess it is easier said and done. Sometimes mistakes can be made when breaking news stories especially now since news dynamics have changed so I think it is more about how mainstream media should deal and handle the situation when mistakes are made.

      Your blog is brilliant btw, keep it up!

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