The price to pay

While the online platform has encouraged change and evolutionary methods of projecting and supplying news,the question of how efficient it is and what are the consequences is still asked, because it is easier to temporarily avoid the inevitable – but not in the long run.

Journalists have an amazing capability to multitask whether its a talent they are born with or a skill that they learn in the process – however this does not mean that they are robots.

It is easy to look at things on the surface – but this is what is really happening when you start digging deeper.

It still costs to collect the facts and publish them online.  Both money-wise and time-wise.  And if time is money then lets just say there is very little time ( deadlines ) and even less money, however there are much more stories that need to be covered therefore making the whole process a lot more time consuming.

Now many, if not all, news industries need a lot more content uploaded in order to keep up with the competition and pace of the modern world.  When  I say competition I mean that, now due to the internet everything breaks out  instantly and if you will not cover that piece of news as instantly as it breaks out someone else will – leaving you disadvantaged.


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