Online journalism and the promises of new technology, PART 1: The revolution that never happened


..technological inventions did change the world dramatically, but not in such a quick and radical fashion the fortune-tellers seemed to believe. People tended to use these technologies quite differently than how many of the revolutionists predicted.

Steen Steensen

Evolution of technology did not kill journalism, it simply changed it.  In fact journalism evolves and adapts to new changes every moment in order to keep up with constant innovations.

There is much more speculation and talk around this ‘revolution’ than actual realisation.  Technology  never seems to live up to its expectations in terms to as how it could affect journalism and the public as whole.

It seems as though people use new platforms to portray the traditional old media – as if the two [new – old] emerge in one rather than one cancelling the other.  Old ways adapt to new ways, and new ways still require the old background ways in order to thrive.  One relies on the other.

Journalism is not dead, it spread even more , I think we should be talking more about evolution rather than revolution of journalism due to technology.


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