New Media, Old news

Hype & a lot of misjudgment

Nearly, if not all, types of media trotted over traditional journalism throughout decades always threatening it and maliciously trying to eat it away.

However, there might be much more words rather than action.

It is much more different when something is actually into use – and because of the hype caused prior to the creation of certain gadgets and technology, when we did see cable and digital tv emerge, they failed to meet the expectations of the public.

As the book New Media, Old News reveals the noise caused around the emerging technology was mostly for the profits of the politicians rather than the evolution of technology itself.  It merely served as propaganda and a reason to boom the economy.

The good news is that, as proven by academics, journalism is infact very much alive and even if it is in depression this is not necessarily due to new technologies such as TV and Radio.

As an old Hellenic expression goes:

A dog that barks doesn’t necessarily bite.


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